IT Security Management

PRAGO aims to help its customers to ensure that effective Information Security measures are taken

Project Management

Controlled planning, organization and motivation of resources over a fixed time to achieve specific project goals and objectives

Enterprise Governance

Effective governance of enterprise IT results in improved business performance

IT Service Management

Implementation and management of quality information technology services that meet the needs of the business

The PRAGO Difference

  • Qualified Team

    The client service philosophy entails world class advisory delivered by talented and expert professionals. PRAGO has a team of working professionals who come from different fields of expertise. The corporate acumen and professional knack backed by years of learned experience distinguishes PRAGO from its competitors.

  • Collective Drive

    PRAGO is consultancy and training firm where world’s leading business enterprises get enduring results. We strive to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of management and professional team. Together we develop strategies and insights to act on and motivate team to obtain and retain success. We are determined to take extra toil in gouging out the best possible solutions for our clients and to deliver results no matter what it takes. Collaborative working .

  • Pragmatic & Realizable Solutions

    As professional consultants we are always ready to assist our clients in solving their business issues and providing them pragmatic solutions to enhance their ability to build value, manage risks and improve performance. Our solutions enable corporate entities to achieve the greatest goal of organizational success that ensures embedded individual growth as well.

  • Unremitting Improvement

    PRAGO believes in unremitting improvement on day to day basis by exercising assiduous performance. And we take it as our responsibility to make the world moving ahead consistently. Being a consultancy organization we aim to enrich the economic standard of individuals and corporate entities through the implementation of our idea, and the idea of unremitting improvement empowers us to transform potential into reality, expertise, intellect and drive to make it happen.

The protection of information and information infrastructure assets against the risks of loss, misuse, disclosure or damage; providing controls organizations need to manage these risks. With very few exceptions almost all businesses are heavily dependent on information systems. The use of computer networks has also grown enormously, not only within businesses but also between them, and between businesses and the world outside. The increasing complexity of IT infrastructure means that businesses are now more vulnerable to information failures; technical faults, human error, intentional human acts, hackers and crackers, computer viruses, etc. This growing complexity represents a significant risk to organisational success and requires a unified management approach.

Many organisations aim to deal with Information Security at the strategic level by implementing information policies and information plans; operationally by purchasing tools and other security products. Often insufficient attention is given to the active management of Information Security, the continuous analysis and translation of policies into technical options, and ensuring that the security measures continue to be effective when the requirements and environment change. The consequence of this missing link is that, at the tactical management level, significant investments are made in measures that are no longer relevant, at a time when new, more effective measures ought to be taken. PRAGO aims to help its customers to ensure that effective Information Security measures are taken at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

PRAGO delivers high-value outcomes to our clients, and provides

a rich experience of diverse opportunities, challenges and career growth for our associates.
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