Strategic Communication

Delivering right contents to right people in right way at the right time

Risk Management

A systematic attempt to eliminate risks after identification, assessment monitoring and control


A tool to achieve perfect balance among losses and gains successfully

Performance Improvement

Through exploring opportunities for clients to achieve and sustain their full potential

Information Technology

Choosing best IT Services and operating models to achieve enduring results

Business Optimization

Managing change with controlled costs that ensures optimum productivity

The PRAGO Difference

  • Qualified Team

    The client service philosophy entails world class advisory delivered by talented and expert professionals. PRAGO has a team of working professionals who come from different fields of expertise. The corporate acumen and professional knack backed by years of learned experience distinguishes PRAGO from its competitors.

  • Collective Drive

    PRAGO is consultancy and training firm where world’s leading business enterprises get enduring results. We strive to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of management and professional team. Together we develop strategies and insights to act on and motivate team to obtain and retain success. We are determined to take extra toil in gouging out the best possible solutions for our clients and to deliver results no matter what it takes. Collaborative working .

  • Pragmatic & Realizable Solutions

    As professional consultants we are always ready to assist our clients in solving their business issues and providing them pragmatic solutions to enhance their ability to build value, manage risks and improve performance. Our solutions enable corporate entities to achieve the greatest goal of organizational success that ensures embedded individual growth as well.

  • Unremitting Improvement

    PRAGO believes in unremitting improvement on day to day basis by exercising assiduous performance. And we take it as our responsibility to make the world moving ahead consistently. Being a consultancy organization we aim to enrich the economic standard of individuals and corporate entities through the implementation of our idea, and the idea of unremitting improvement empowers us to transform potential into reality, expertise, intellect and drive to make it happen.

ffective communication ensures success in delivering key messages in the right way, at the right time, using creative strategy and modes. All key stakeholders are always concerned to have complete picture of the business activities and the way they are going incessantly. Creating and delivering right messages at right time in the right manner addresses the concerns of the stakeholders. PRAGO helps clients determine the current state of the organization and industry environment, identify key audiences’ information needs; design strategies to gain stakeholder buy-in; develop initiatives, programmes and products for achieving the communication goals; implement the communications tactics; evaluate communications performance for continual improvement. PRAGO offers services in the following communications sectors:


PRAGO’s communications strategy capabilities support clients’ needs with expertise in communications planning and implementation, branding and organizational identity, and public relations and media relations. Key activities include targeted stakeholder analysis, key message development, identity visioning, brand development and guidance, communications planning, visual communications, media monitoring, spokesperson training as well advertising, public affairs, and media relations strategy development.


PRAGO’s change communications expertise involves the development and implementation of change management strategies that build ownership for organizational or technology-driven change and transformation through a suite of activities targeted at moving stakeholders from a state of uncertainty to ownership and action. Key activities include change readiness assessments, change communications strategies, and facilitation and coaching for change leaders and change agents.


Crisis communications is the process organizations use to proactively engage key stakeholders to plan, manage and respond to risks and non-traditional events that have the potential to become major incidents. PRAGO provides clients several key activities such as vulnerability audits, visioning and crisis prevention, crisis management and communication planning, crisis management exercises, incident management and planning and spokesperson development.


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Effective communication ensures success in delivering key messages in the right way, at the right time, using creative strategy and modes. All key stakeholders are always concerned to have c
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PRAGO delivers high-value outcomes to our clients, and provides

a rich experience of diverse opportunities, challenges and career growth for our associates.
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