IT Service Management

Implementation and management of quality information technology services that meet the needs of the business

Enterprise Governance

Effective governance of enterprise IT results in improved business performance

Project Management

Controlled planning, organization and motivation of resources over a fixed time to achieve specific project goals and objectives

IT Security Management

PRAGO aims to help its customers to ensure that effective Information Security measures are taken

The PRAGO Difference

  • Qualified Team

    The client service philosophy entails world class advisory delivered by talented and expert professionals. PRAGO has a team of working professionals who come from different fields of expertise. The corporate acumen and professional knack backed by years of learned experience distinguishes PRAGO from its competitors.

  • Collective Drive

    PRAGO is consultancy and training firm where world’s leading business enterprises get enduring results. We strive to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of management and professional team. Together we develop strategies and insights to act on and motivate team to obtain and retain success. We are determined to take extra toil in gouging out the best possible solutions for our clients and to deliver results no matter what it takes. Collaborative working .

  • Pragmatic & Realizable Solutions

    As professional consultants we are always ready to assist our clients in solving their business issues and providing them pragmatic solutions to enhance their ability to build value, manage risks and improve performance. Our solutions enable corporate entities to achieve the greatest goal of organizational success that ensures embedded individual growth as well.

  • Unremitting Improvement

    PRAGO believes in unremitting improvement on day to day basis by exercising assiduous performance. And we take it as our responsibility to make the world moving ahead consistently. Being a consultancy organization we aim to enrich the economic standard of individuals and corporate entities through the implementation of our idea, and the idea of unremitting improvement empowers us to transform potential into reality, expertise, intellect and drive to make it happen.

Effective IT Service Management focuses on the customer satisfaction through the efficient delivery of reliable, cost effective, fit for purpose IT and network services designed to support business objective. These services underpin business strategy and support the organisation. With the move to enterprise level solutions, e-business and e-government and other mission critical initiatives a greater emphasis is now being focussed upon end-to-end customer service. IT departments and service suppliers are being compelled to respond to more demanding requirements with less resource and often struggle to meet these needs often due to inexperience, process issues, inefficiencies and culture.

How our consultants can help you:
Develop a service-oriented infrastructure with an enterprise services catalogue and aligned applications
Optimise data centre processes, organization, and financial management
Create a data management strategy to classify critical data to protect key information assets
Align applications delivery to service tiers, and automate information handling processes

PRAGO Service Management Consulting improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT operations to handle today’s rapidly growing enterprise information. Our network of consultants have helped hundreds of enterprises around the world define service catalogues, rationalise and refine processes, and redesign IT organizations.  Our proven approach to IT Service Management addresses people, process, and technology by combining internationally recognized frameworks and standards such as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), ISO/IEC 20000 and Service Desk Institute with the real-world experience of our consultants.

PRAGO’s Service Management Consultancy Addresses the Following Areas:
How our consultants can help your organisation:
Improve process and staff efficiencies
Align capacity, costs, and service levels to business goals
Leverage skills and best practices across the enterprise
Allocate costs based on staff and resources consumed
Support compliance, security, and data protection reliably
Significantly increase customer and user satisfaction

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PRAGO delivers high-value outcomes to our clients, and provides

a rich experience of diverse opportunities, challenges and career growth for our associates.
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